Sonic Overture Thread [SAGE 2014 Act 1]

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Sonic Overture Thread [SAGE 2014 Act 1]

Post by Jassbec on Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:49 pm

Sonic Overture takes place on Christmas Island, Sonic's birthplace. Dr. Eggman is mining the island for the precious substance known as phossil to power his machines as he investigates the mysterious South Island and the Special Zone. Sonic sets out to foil Eggman's plans. Meanwhile, a stranger from Christmas Island is following Sonic...

This game plays on much of the scrapped prototype material of Sonic the Hedgehog, such as canned designs and unused level imagery. Sonic Overture is a direct prequel to Sonic the Hedgehog.


(Note: Firefox, Opera, or APNG Chrome plugin required to view animations!)



Sunrise Gate Zone:

Sunrise Gate takes place at sunrise. At the very edge of Christmas Island, right against the ocean, Sunrise Gate acts as the gateway into Christmas Island, as the rest of the island is surrounded by a massive cliff. Act 1 and Act 2 are set in a tropical plains area, similar to Green Hill Zone. Act 3 brings a more industrial setting.


- “Eggman’s prototype of the motobug. The computer still has a bug. What is the bug? We may never know!”
- “This rabbit-like badnik hops around trying to hit Sonic. Not much of a threat!”
- “A sneaky gecko badnik who fires peas at Sonic from the treetops. Dodge those peas and take them out with a skillful jump!”
- “Watch above for this badnik, who flies overhead and tries to dive bomb Sonic. Smash it with a spin attack when it’s close!”


Other Stuff:

Mr Lange's Sonic model:

What happened to Sonic FtB?
Well, many of you might be aware that I had this fangame project called "Sonic From The Beginning" some time ago. And then it got cancelled out of nowhere and nothing was heard from it again... "So what the hell happened to From The Beginning?" You might ask.

Well, one thing, was that it was heavily critiziced for being a "ripoff" of the fangames LakeFeperd made...

One day, Mr Lange came in and said
"this has potential, but it's a ripoff"
and then I said
"No U" and put my sunglasses on.
but then he removed my sunglasses and said
"Dogg, let's start from the beginning, no pun intended"
and I was like
then an artist called GenericMine came in and said
"what needs to be done"
and Lange said"I like this guy"
So they destroyed FtB and created Overture in the process.

Team Credits:

- Project Leader - Lead Programmer
Mr Lange
- Project Coordinator - Everything

- Art Director - Digital Artist - Animator
- Digital Artist - Traditional Artist - Animator 
- Digital Artist  - Traditional Artist
- Digital Artist - Animator - Level Designer
- Digital Artist - Traditional Artist
- Traditional Artist - Level Designer
- Digital Artist
- Traditional Artist
Mike Berry

Sean Evans
- Music Director - Musician
- Musician
- Musician
- Musician

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Re: Sonic Overture Thread [SAGE 2014 Act 1]

Post by SonicVaan on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:19 am

Boy, oh boy! I really love the art of this--so eyecandy! And I just realized that the background there is also the background of this forum.

However, will there be a demo this christmas? Smile

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Re: Sonic Overture Thread [SAGE 2014 Act 1]

Post by Guramingu on Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:09 am

Heh, thank you!

As far as I know, we're not aiming for a Christmas demo, since SAGE 2014 is in February. You can expect a demo by then, though!
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Re: Sonic Overture Thread [SAGE 2014 Act 1]

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